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Your Water Account Explained

Your Water Account is designed to make it easier to see the basic information to easily pay the account and it also gives you facts and figures that will help you to manage and reduce your water usage.  

water bill closeup Your water bill will help you reduce your water usage.

Shoalhaven Water is in the early stages of redesigning the Water Account to provide customers with enhanced transaction information.

What you will find on your account

  • Account Details
  • Account Summary
  • Payment Options
  • Meter Detail and Reading
  • Water Usage and Availability Charges

We also enclose with each Water Account a flyer that contains latest information about your Water Supply and Sewerage related services.

Account details

Here you will find your property identification information, the amount due on your account, and the due date for payment.

Account summary

A summarised detail of your Account includes your property details, the supply period, the amount due, and a graphical illustration of the average daily water consumption for ease of comparison.

Payment options

Shoalhaven Water offers a range of options to pay your water account. For the BPAY option you will find your Biller Code and Reference Number highlighted in the lower right hand corner of your account.

Meter detail and reading

Water Accounts are issued within days following the reading of the Water Meter on your property. The reverse side of your account shows the details of the meter number, meter readings and the number of kilolitres used in the period.

Water usage and availability charges

The reverse side of your account also indicates the breakdown of charges which are generally inclusive of water usage as well as water and sewer availability depending on the services available and charges applicable at your property.